Month: November 2016

Dentist Near Me | Be Skeptical of News Reports that Say Flossing is Unnecessary

Portland, OR Dentist

The Truth is More Complex Than Simply Stating That Flossing Doesn’t Lead to Better Dental Health Maybe you heard in recent news reports that flossing is no longer necessary for dental health, thanks to studies that report the evidence supporting the need for flossing is weak. To be clear, in case you only read the […]

Dentist in 97205 | Dental Exams Often Spot Early Clues to Sleep Apnea

Portland, OR Dentist

Regular Dental Exams Protect More Than Oral Health The eyes may be windows to the soul, but it’s dental health that is often a window into the general health of a person. That’s why a dentist is often the first healthcare professional to notice the telltale signs of an underlying medical condition that a patient […]