Month: July 2021

The One Piece of Gear Every Athlete Needs | Portland Dentist

Portland, OR Dentist

An injury to your mouth can be a painful, expensive experience. For athletes, mouth and tooth injuries are a very real risk. Mouthguards are an excellent tool for protecting your mouth from injury and harm. Our team can help you find a solution that protects your teeth while you play. Dentist in Portland, OR 97205 Why Wear […]

What to Expect from Dental Bridges | Dentist Portland

Portland, OR Dentist

If you are missing one or more teeth, our dentist may recommend a dental bridge. To help you understand what to expect, we’ve assembled a short guide to bridges. Portland, OR 97205 Dentist The Purpose of a Bridge Tooth loss can occur due to periodontal disease, injury, extraction, and other causes. When a space is left, your […]