Month: November 2021

Preventing Enamel Erosion | Dentist in 97205

Portland, OR Dentist

Dentist in Portland, OR Do you have white spots on your teeth? Are your teeth quite sensitive? Do your teeth have cracks, chips, or indentations? If yes, then you may be experiencing enamel erosion. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. It is the clear coating that protects your teeth. However, being […]

How Chocolate Affects the Health of Your Teeth | 97205 Dentist

Portland, OR Dentist

Dentist in Portland, OR Did you know that chocolate might not be as bad for your teeth as people may have thought? You can now eat your favorite treat without feeling guilty. Studies have shown that there are benefits to eating chocolate, however, not all chocolate is created equal. It is important to note that […]