Portland, OR Dentist | A Child’s First Dental Appointment is Important for More Than Just the Exam

This is Your Child’s Introduction to the Dentist, and We Want to Make a Good Impression

Fear of dentists is nothing new, and it’s certainly understandable considering the somewhat invasive nature of dental exams and treatments.

But these things are essential to good dental and overall health, which is why we at Downtown Dental Associates of Portland recommend getting children into a dental professional as early as age one but not much later than age two.

While some children might have dental issues at this age, this type of visit is more about the child getting to know the dental process. You want them to enjoy the experience, so it leaves a good impression.

That’s why we play to the child’s curiosity during these appointments, encouraging questions about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

We’ll show the child each piece of equipment and explain what it does, and we’ll allow them to hold an instrument if it’s safe for that. We’ll introduce staff to the child and sometimes show them around the office if they’re interested.

The dentist will do an exam, checking for signs of decay as well as looking over the child’s bite and whether we need to be concerned about any bottle caries, frenum issues (the space between the front teeth that can become a gap in some cases). The dentist will also look for other problems that might lead to tooth development problems or speech-related issues.

Finally, the dentist will talk to you and your child about hygiene issues. This will be the first of a recurring theme around hygiene that will continue with each subsequent visit. We think it’s the most important aspect of dental health that we can impart to our young patients, and it’s important for you, as the parent, to understand best practices.

We recommend bringing children back every six months to make sure their mouths are developing appropriately while teaching them that the dentist’s office is nothing to fear.

If your child is getting close to having their first tooth, feel free to call us about setting up an appointment, so we can start your child on the road to a lifetime of great dental health.

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