Dentist in Portland, OR | Pregnancy Puts Emphasis on Good Oral Care – Avoid Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnancy Gingivitis is a Common Condition that is Easily Prevented

One of the most rewarding, exciting and happiest times of life happens when you’re expecting a baby, and you want that time to be one of the healthiest times of your life as well. After all, a lot is riding on that.

At Downtown Dental Associates of Portland, we understand this and want you to have the best possible experience and that includes maintaining great oral health during this important time.

Let’s face it, your body is different when you’re pregnant. You are producing hormones such as progesterone in greater amounts. You are likely eating more frequently, and both of these things add up to potential problems for your dental health.

Pregnancy’s biggest impact on oral health comes due to the increased amounts of progesterone that is part of being pregnant. Progesterone is known as the pregnancy hormone for good reason. Though it is always present in some amount in healthy women, the body produces more of it to help the body prepare for pregnancy and, later, to nourish the baby.

Unfortunately, increased progesterone levels also increase your body’s sensitively to dental plaque. This coupled with the increased flow of the blood to the gums along with more frequent eating that often accompany pregnancy can lead to sore, swollen or bleeding gums or what we call pregnancy gingivitis.

Though this is a common occurrence, it doesn’t have to be. During pregnancy more than ever, great oral hygiene means fewer problems with dental health. It can also reduce the potential for what some studies show as complications that can arise from severe gum disease during pregnancy if the gingivitis goes unchecked.

So during pregnancy more than ever, we urge you to see your dentist before becoming pregnant and during your pregnancy. We also urge you to be sure to brush after eating and floss one or more times per day. Regular dentist visits and more vigilant oral hygiene will lessen the chance that you’ll have to deal with pregnancy gingivitis.

At Downtown Dental Associates of Portland, we are here for you, so don’t hesitate to call if you have questions about this or any other dentist-related matter. If you’d like to book an appointment, please visit our appointment page.

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