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Anna S. Avatar
I love this dental practice, and have been a patient for over 20 years. The docs, hygienists and support staff are skillful and compassionate, and they always run on time. Parking is free, safe and easy in the garage on SW 12th, where there’s always a friendly attendant.
Anna S. 5/02/2024
Leslie J. Avatar
Dr Jake Becker was very patient and understanding of a nervous patient. I called several timed before thhe procedure and he always was patient snd understanding of my concerns. He explained things well. And the procedure went very smooth with him giving me encouragement!
Also the entire office staff and dental techs are very professional and super nice and caring!
I highly recommend them!
Leslie J. 4/24/2024
Kerri N. Avatar
Always a great experience at Downtown Dental. Friendly, highly skilled snd kind. I always feel I am getting the highest level of care.
Kerri N. 4/19/2024
Michelle B. Avatar
My elderly mother has been receiving care at this practice for ~ 13 yrs (and our family overall, for far longer). The care she received today was not only exceptional & professional but compassionate as well. Thank you, as always!
Michelle B. 3/20/2024
Irelie H. Avatar
One of the best, thorough, and fastest cleanings I have ever had! Everyone I met at the office was lovely, and made me feel so comfortable and welcome!
Irelie H. 3/15/2024
Karlyn R. Avatar
I have gone to Downtown Dental Associates for more than 30 years. The staff has been kind and gentle; never shaming. They have helped me keep my gum and teeth healthy and in good shape. I recommend them highly.
Karlyn R. 2/23/2024
Suzy K. Avatar
Dr Jake Becker and All His Staff are Amazing 🤩!! I got right into his Downtown Dental 🦷 office to have my Chipped Upper Front Tooth Assessed and right there in the dental chair the Assistant took an X-Ray and then Dr Becker came in to examine my situation!! It was determined I would need a filling and repair of the upper Front Tooth and he gave me a few numbing shots and I didn’t even feel them going in thru my gums which was awesome 👏 yay no pain !! He so precisely drilled and whala I have a new wonderful upper front row and center new looking 👀 tooth with a Composite filling taking care of it !! I Am so Happy !!!
Suzy K. 2/14/2024
karfranw Avatar
Dr Becker and Jenny went beyond yesterday caring for my son yesterday at the hospital. Their kindness and caring have always been so appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for my precious son.
karfranw 1/26/2024
Jeff A. Avatar
Dr. Becker and everyone at DDA are super friendly. Very efficient and on time. Never left waiting in the lobby for long, next appointment scheduled as soon as I sit down, GREAT cleaning, and dentist comes over promptly for exam. Highly recommend.
Jeff A. 1/03/2024
Amanda B. Avatar
I’ve been a patient here for about 7 years now. Everyone I have ever interacted with is friendly and takes my dental anxiety seriously. They’re with you every step of the way prioritizing your dental health AND comfort, never making you choose between the two. They even have early morning appointment slots so I’ve never had to miss work for a cleaning!
Amanda B. 12/21/2023
Justin B. Avatar
The team at DDA are such reliable pros. From the office staff to the group providing direct dental services. Their friendliness, sincerity and efficiency is a testament to each who play their part. They make it borderline enjoyable to go to the dentist. Highly recommend.
Justin B. 12/02/2023
Donna B. Avatar
It was my Juliette's first visit to Dr Becker. She has autism and very little expressive language. The pandemic has made her very nervous of doctors, so she was reluctant to even walk in the dental office.. Dr Becker and his team were so kind and patient. Absolutely refreshing to meet people who understand special needs!

Dr. Donna Beegle
Donna B. 11/21/2023
Jamey H. Avatar
Downtown dental associates is as good as dentistry gets. We are lucky to have them here in Portland, Oregon. I am 69 years old, and have been going to DDA since I had teeth. Not with the same dentist, of course! But DDA has always been compassionate, technical, with the best equipment, and the best trained dentists, hygienists, and assists. The front office folks are kind and welcoming as well. Five stars.
Jamey H. 11/18/2023
Erin J. Avatar
Dr. Becker is the best in town! I always have the best dental experience at the office. From cleanings, fillings, and crowns. I wouldn’t trust my teeth to anyone else.
Erin J. 11/03/2023
Renee B. Avatar
I always receive a gentle cleaning. The staff are friendly, informative and efficient. Dr Becker always remembers who you are and is thorough with exams. Great views from the office as well.
Renee B. 9/22/2023
bonnie s. Avatar
DR Becker and team have put in the work to help our 32 year old daughter with autism get the chance to get dentures and give her and us the opportunity to help her make them work for her. Being given the chance for all of us to help her is so appreciated 😊
bonnie s. 9/11/2023
Julie B. Avatar
I was having problems with a root canal over the weekend, & my endodontist was out of town. Downtown Dental Associates stepped right in, got me on a needed antibiotic, and squeezed me in to be seen, even at the last minute when their schedule was tight. All of the dentists & hygientists there are excellent, and the assistants & office staff are so kind & friendly. In addition, they always respond to your calls or texts in a timely manner. Thank you, DDA, for always being there for my dental needs.

P.S. My husband & I do miss Ryan Voge. He was such an excellent dentist (top graduate of his OHSU class), and he was a kind and ethical person.
Julie B. 9/09/2023
Alana I. Avatar
I had a really nice experience with Mindy and Dr. Dodson. They were very knowledgeable and informative, as well as attentive and kind. I'm so glad I went here!
Alana I. 9/05/2023
DB M. Avatar
I’ve been a patient at Downtown Dental for 32 years. They continue to provide outstanding dental care! The receptionists are friendly and helpful, the hygienists are careful and thorough, and the doctors are highly competent and compassionate.
DB M. 6/14/2023
Karen M. Avatar
My family and have been patients of Dr. Jake Becker for many years (10 or more) and a patient at Downtown Dental since 1986.I highly recommend DDA, LLC for any & all of your dental needs.
Karen M. 6/05/2023
Cadence M. Avatar
I've been struggling with jaw pain for several months now, so I sought help from Dr. Hailey Dodson! She recommended Botox treatment for the pain I've been experiencing, and about a week after my initial treatment my symptoms had decreased significantly. I felt completely comfortable with Dr. Dodson, and knew I was in good hands for my first ever Botox treatment. Highly recommend!
Cadence M. 5/30/2023
Jami L. Avatar
Thank you Downtown Dental for taking such great care of our individual. He was relaxed which was great and it took no time to complete the procedure. Thank for your amazing staff 🤗🤗
Jami L. 4/20/2023
Nancy L. Avatar
I think I’ve been going to the DDA for almost 10 years now. The staff is friendly. My go to dental hygienist that I have been seeing for years and takes extra care for me since I have a lot of issues, shootout to Sarah Voge 🩷
Nancy L. 4/20/2023
Debralynne B. Avatar
Almost absolutely painless. Dr Becker and his team of amazingly wonder nurses and assistants even the all of them in the office are such great people. They really know how to make you wonderful.
Debralynne B. 4/08/2023
Artifex_Amanda L. Avatar
What a great practice! Everyone is great to interact with. I especially enjoyed Dr. Fawcett's kindness and skill with difficult fillings. The staff made a dental cleaning such a great experience for my kids that they keep asking to go back!
Artifex_Amanda L. 2/07/2023
Jamey H. Avatar
These guys are the best of the best. Downtown dental is a legacy organization… I’m probably one of their oldest customers. I’ve been coming here since I got my primary teeth! They are friendly, thorough, compassionate, and their facility embraces the latest technologies in oral care and pain management. I know dental care is a very personal endeavor for all of us… I would not hesitate to recommend this outfit to anyone.
Jamey H. 12/17/2022
Tina F. Avatar
Excellent experience! The staff at Downtown Dental are friendly and professional. Dr Dodson is knowledgeable, thorough and helpful!
Tina F. 12/14/2022
Gordon M. Avatar
I’m always impressed with the attention the Doctors and their staff pay to details. After placing two molars today Dr. Becker made sure I knew how to floss them properly as support for them is a little different than normal. I appreciate that level of care.
Gordon M. 12/05/2022
Kay O. Avatar
Wow! Last minute dental emergency? No problem. Dr Fawcett made himself available and Tammy was his kind and thoughtful assistant through my sudden need to fix a cracked molar. Downtown Dental provides top notch customer service from technical/medical dental care to billing and post appointment needs. I was surrounded by a positive, ‘can do’ team from my late afternoon emergency call to leaving with a new crown the next morning!
Kay O. 11/03/2022
Nicole D. Avatar
Downtown Dental Associates, I’ve been going for about 21years. I see Dr Becker and Sara. They’re the nicest people I see. Never seen any worker upset. Best dental clinic ever. They also take care of wheelchair patients.
Nicole D. 8/10/2022