Dentist in Portland, OR | Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential

Your Oral Health is a Window to Your Overall Health

At Downtown Dental Associates of Portland, we’re passionate about not only your dental health but also your overall health. And that takes us right back to your dental health because the two are inescapably linked.

It makes sense, since the body is a whole, and what happens to part of it happens to all of it. That’s why your dentist can spot health problems through dental cleanings and exams that you may not have any symptoms of — yet.

Regular dental cleanings can keep your smile looking its best, prevent gum disease and early tooth loss and help you have better breath. They can also help your dentist spot other health conditions like oral cancers that kill close to 10,000 people each year in the United States.

As well, researchers have found strong links between cardiovascular disease and gum disease, so keeping up with your oral health could help you protect your cardiovascular health as well.

Apart from being a barometer of your overall health, poor oral hygiene can contribute to preventable conditions like bone loss, stroke and other health issues. During a regular cleaning, your hygienist can compare the current state of your mouth with how it was on your last visit. This knowledge of your oral health history is an important window into which direction your health is going and turn it around if things aren’t going well.

At Downtown Dental Associates of Portland, we are serious about meeting your dental health needs. We seek to exceed your expectations as a partner in your dental and overall health and ensure that you and your loved ones receive the finest care possible.

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