Portland Dentist | You Have Options In The Event of a Lost Front Tooth

If Saving the Tooth is Not Possible, There are Permanent Solutions To Save Your Smile

We often talk about the importance of a beautiful, healthy smile in this blog, but sometimes the unthinkable happens, and a front tooth is knocked out. Obviously, our first choice at Downtown Dental of Portland is to save the tooth, and there is a lot you can do that to help our dentists do just that.

Most important is not touching the root but carefully picking it up by the enamel. If the tooth has dirt on it, you can quickly rinse it in water, then put in back in the socket, if that’s possible. You can also put it inside the cheek if there is no risk that the person will swallow the tooth. Otherwise, putting the tooth in a glass of milk — not water — can help preserve it while you seek emergency care.

These steps give our dentists and dental professionals the greatest chance of saving the tooth. But even in the best of circumstances, sometimes a front tooth is permanently lost, and you must decide your best option for replacing it.

Fortunately, you have a few, including ones that fill the gap in your smile almost immediately. An implant that is covered by a temporary crown and eventually a permanent crown is the most durable solution to a lost front tooth and what we most often recommend, though sometimes it’s not an immediate solution.

In cases when the tooth is weight bearing, an implant is often not possible immediately, so a temporary denture can get you through until your mouth heals and it’s feasible to move forward with the implant.

Another option for replacing a lost front tooth is a tooth supported fixed bridge that is anchored to teeth on either side of the gap. It’s important, when considering this option, to understand that this procedure can compromise the health of the anchor teeth, since they must be shaved to prepare them for the bridge. A Maryland bridge, which does not require such preparation, is also an option. It affixes the bridge to the anchor teeth with wings that are bonded to those teeth.

Finally, we can remedy a gap caused by the loss of a front tooth by creating a partial denture that is custom made for the gap it fills and designed to last for years.

At Downtown Dental Associates of Portland, your dental health is our top priority. If you have any questions about options for the loss of a front tooth — or any dental health issues — please contact us. If you’d like to make an appointment, you may do so by calling or requesting one online.

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