Month: September 2017

Dentist in Portland, OR | Pregnancy Puts Emphasis on Good Oral Care – Avoid Pregnancy Gingivitis

Portland, OR Dentist

Pregnancy Gingivitis is a Common Condition that is Easily Prevented One of the most rewarding, exciting and happiest times of life happens when you’re expecting a baby, and you want that time to be one of the healthiest times of your life as well. After all, a lot is riding on that. At Downtown Dental […]

Portland, OR Dentist | A Child’s First Dental Appointment is Important for More Than Just the Exam

Portland, OR Dentist

This is Your Child’s Introduction to the Dentist, and We Want to Make a Good Impression Fear of dentists is nothing new, and it’s certainly understandable considering the somewhat invasive nature of dental exams and treatments. But these things are essential to good dental and overall health, which is why we at Downtown Dental Associates […]